Asexual sex-positivism

Sex-positive feminism is far from perfect when it comes to asexual inclusion – or indeed including anybody who isn’t a white, middle-class, cis, straight, fully able woman.  So I completely understand why a sizable portion of the asexual community steers well clear of this movement, where too many activists are openly acephobic and dismissive of our experiences.  I myself stopped engaging in activism for several years because I was fed up with spending all my energy attempting to persuade other feminists to be more inclusive of marginalized/minority groups.  But still, I don’t think writing off the entire sex-positive movement is the way forward.

I still believe an ace-inclusive sex-positivism is possible (and desirable!).  The asexual community doesn’t talk about sex-positive politics wildly different than the movement as a whole.  We come from a different perspective and experiences – as do queer and trans* folks, people of colour, people with disabilities, and working class people.  But we all speak the same language, which has always been rooted in sexual freedom, agency, and self-expression.

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