Asexuality & Pleasure

This follows on from my writing about my own pleasures for the June 2014 Carnival of Aces

Last month’s carnival of aces theme was “Pleasure”.  And I must confess to feeling a little strange writing about it.  Personally, I don’t see any connection between my asexuality and what I find pleasurable.  And in general I don’t think sexual orientation is a particularly helpful indicator of what anybody finds pleasurable.

Every person is different, and experiences pleasures in their own individual ways – be it aesthetic, emotional, sensual, sexual, or however they define it.  Collectively, what asexuals find pleasurable covers the same full spectrum of sexual activities as any other sexual orientation.  There are asexuals who – despite not experience sexual attraction or sexual desire towards anybody else – still get find sex and orgasms pleasurable.  There are allosexuals who are happy in sexless relationships and content with other shared pleasures instead – whether because it is long-distance, for health reasons, they are busy doing other things, have a low libido, or simply by choice.

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