Asexual Equality

“You’ve got the gays marching for the right to be cocksucking homosexuals, and then you have the asexuals marching for the right to not do anything.  Which is hilarious.  Like, you didn’t need to march for that right.  You just need to stay home, not do anything.”

Dan Savage, 2011

Dan Savage has already (rightly) been criticized for his many bigoted views elsewhere, so I won’t dwell on that.  But his view that asexuals have nothing to campaign for is not that unusual, and amongst other things is one of the arguments used for excluding asexuals from LGBTQ movements.  And so I thought I’d compile a brief list of some of the issues that affect asexuals – because believe it or not, the right to suck cock is not the only thing affecting people of diverse sexualities. Continue reading