I’ve been telling friends for the past year that I was going to start blogging again.  But now that it’s Asexual Awareness Week, I thought I would actually start writing again.

About Me (Pegasus)

I used to be a queer feminist and leftist type activist, but have largely been silent for the past two years.  Partly due to dealing with mental health issues, and partly due to being fed up with arguing with “allies”.  Being a trans*/queer activist within the feminist movement, and a queer feminist within the Left is both frustrating and exhausting.  One day I may return, but for now all I can do is wish my siblings well in fighting for inclusive radical political movements.

I am queer, poly, trans*, asexual, genderqueer, kinky, a sex-positive feminist, and have/had mental health difficulties.  So those are mostly the issues that I will mostly be writing about, since that’s what I have experience of.  I am also white, and physically able-bodied, and whilst try to be a good ally often fall short.

I am also a wannabee sociology grad student (currently taking a break until I have saved enough pennies to continue), geek, and a campaigner for Sue Perkins to be the 12th 13th Doctor.

Given the nature of some of what I write about I would prefer to remain anonymous (or at least for this blog not to appear in a google search of my name).  So request that anybody who knows me, respects that wish.

About this Blog

This blog will mostly be about diverse/minority genders and sexualities, from a sex-positive, queer feminist, trans*/queer/poly/ace/kink-friendly perspective, with an emphasis on intersectionality.  Any submissions that fit this be most welcome.